Day: August 7, 2019

How To Use Social Media To Help People Become Financially Literate

Social Media has taken the whole globe by storm. Between our smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and smart watches we are able to send and receive information instantaneously. The internet is a great tool to acquire knowledge. There is an infinite amount of useful information that is accessible to us by just a few clicks or taps of our fingers. However, there is also a downside. With all information so easily being uploaded by just about anyone with internet access there is also a lot of misinformation out there. If you are a person trying to become more versed in a topic this can pose a challenge as to how to know what information is factual or not.

Financial wellness is a topic that every person should be knowledgeable about. We make decisions that impact our finances every single day. A person who has no guidance and is not financially literate is at risk for making poor money managing decisions that will ultimately impact both their future and how comfortably they are able to live their lifestyle. Money managing skills are not always taught by parents or in schools. This is causing the younger generation to struggle with spending and saving. People of all ages and walks of life struggle with how to properly manage their money. Even a person making a sizable salary could be living a less than comfortable lifestyle if they are unable to save and invest wisely or if they are spending outrageously. Even if a person does not feel like their finances are in poor shape there is always room for improvement.

A person seeking to learn about financial literacy may turn to the internet for answers. It is important that there are useful resources available to them in order to guide them with the facts on how to become more conscientious with their finances. There are many platforms available in social media that will help educate the public on financial wellness. A person seeking to educate the public could make YouTube videos to give financial advice in a visual and auditory way. A person could also make a Facebook page dedicated to posts and articles about financial literacy and how to make smarter financial decisions. A person could make podcasts to talk about financial wellness and educate the public. You could even and newsletters through an automated email.

What is business marketing? It is the marketing practice of a person or organization that allows them to sell their services or products to other companies to resell them or use them to support their own products. Through the tools of social media and business marketing, we can work to put out useful and relevant information regarding financial wellness. Anyone can become financially literate as long as there is information readily available. Everyone deserves to live the best life possible. In order to do this, a person must be knowledgeable about how to manage their finances and assets in order to live a comfortable life that is void of stress. Let’s work together to use social media to create a world more educated about financial literacy.