A Global Study by AMA Exchange rate for E-cigar

The CUVANA is a globally acclaimed electronic cigar rated as the world best technologically advanced disposable e-cigar Used across the globe by people with high taste and flair for quality and elegance.

Simple and easy to use, global study for E- cigar confirms Cuvana’s uniqueness of both quality and cost-effectiveness that has made it the most popular a-cigar today, with a total absence of tobacco, tar, ash, odor, fire, carcinogens or second hand smoke, with a shelf life of two year plus and a puff capacity of 1,800, an irresistible combination of quality for any lover of cigar.

Due to its lack of the above traditional ingredients of the cigar, Cuvana is used anywhere, anytime and widely used in the home, office, car, boat, clubhouse, hotels, restaurants, anywhere, without discomfort or risk to others and without the messy, irritating and other unhealthy effects of other cigars. So, unlike other cigars, you don’t need any restriction of location to outdoors when you use Cuvana E-cigar Being free of smoke or ash or odor, you can use it anywhere including in your living room or backyard patio.

The acclaimed uniqueness of Cuvana has made it the electronic cigar to choose from by an ever-growing number of cigar lovers everywhere which explains why the E-cigar market is ever booming and why Cuvana E-cigar has gone a step the completion of its counterparts.

Modelled after the Cuban cigars, the Cadillac of cigars, Cuvana E-cigar is celebrated worldwide as the pinnacle of flavor — that rich, bold flavor that easily distinguishes it from other cigars, and makes Cuvana a close shave to Cuba cigars which are expensive and sometimes, not easy to come by, thus affording everyone experience the taste of a Cuban cigar at a cheaper price and with less hassle.

Cuvana E-cigar has other attractions that make it the celebrated head of e-cigars. Only when you take closer look at Cuvana E-cigar that you are able to tell it is indeed an electronic cigar, from the band to the its outside that appears like rolled tobacco leaves to way the end of the cigar glimmers like a cinder at each puff, what with the exotic presentation that makes heads turn in quiet certification.

To ensure that Cuvana E-cigar consumers get utmost satisfaction in terms of taste, Cuvana E-cigar is produced with three separate levels of nicotine, the 18 milligram level which has a very pleasant and cool throat hit and a full-bodied flavor, the 12 mg level with a medium nicotine hit and then the zero mg level for consumers who have no flair for nicotine.

A product of Electroniccigar.com, the Cuvana is one of the newest and most advanced electronic vapor cigars in the market today and product its producers proudly present as the ultimate E-cigar technology which is affirmed by most Cuvana consumers worldwide who agree that Cuvana is indeed a sensational newcomer to the world of E-Cigars.

A recent global study for Edgar which was published in the Tobacco Control journal and estimated that the lives of 6.6 million smokers could be saved through vaping if just 10% of them can switch to vaping every year which would add up to a life extension of 86.7 million years. Cuvana E-cigar is happy to be a partner in this life-saving vision. And this is a piece of happy news to millions of Cuvana E-cigar consumers across the globe. Check e-cigar here for additional info.

In conclusion, the AMA exchange found that what most users of Cuvana e-cigar will tell you without equivocation is that Cuvana e-cigars are the best in the market today, in terms of flavor, cost, health safety standard, environmentally compliant and other considerations.

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