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AMA Exchange provides regular financial information, and many people constantly ask various questions. With our team of expert researchers and analysts, we provide current insight. Therefore we decided to answer the most common ones to have ready access to this information.

Stock options are financial contracts that give an investor the right to buy and sell specific stocks at a certain price and period. There’s much to how they work, but that’s the basic idea. However, you must note that the options are only useful until the expiry date. Though we can’t categorically classify them as the best investments, they have various advantages, depending on your need.

Investing is not a straight-jacket thing. You must first be willing to take risks. Then it would help to have a plan or an investment goal. Also, determine the amount you want to invest, how long, and how much risk you’re willing to accommodate. The most popular ones are mutual funds, stocks, and real estate. However, there are other lucrative options too.

People think the first thing to do should be getting an education in the field. Though it’s vital, a strong interest that’ll keep you driven throughout your career is essential. Besides, you can explore some finance areas without a formal degree, although taking courses to boost your proficiency and give a head start. Also, check out the area you desire to get into and what additional qualifications it requires.

Presently, we don’t send out newsletters, but our team is working on it, and we’ll have it set up soon. It’s going to be such that you’ll get our personalized newsletters directly to your email inbox. Meanwhile, you can still contact us with any questions or enquires you have. We encourage our readers to correspond with us, and we appreciate comments and feedback.

No. Our content targets different people. Our goal is to help everyone find an investment opportunity that meets your life goals. Granted, we have content to help nurses, teachers, accountants, and investors. If you have an interest in making more money through well-calculated investments, we can help you.

We mostly look at exchange rates and the factors that affect their shifts. From there, we look at viable investments such as stocks, networking opportunities, marketing, financial reports, tech business, and much more. We also give general financial and marketing advice to all our readers.


Yes. We attend all AMA events in different states in a bid to network with professionals and bring you more content. We are all about bringing fresh content from AMA and one way to do that is to attend events. While at it, we look for opportunities that can benefit you.

Yes. You can write an email to us and we will get back to you.

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