Raising Money for Animal Shelters/ Rescue


Most inspiring and non-profit animal shelters and rescues depend on volunteers and donations from generous people. However, having a steady flow of money and help can be really difficult. This is why you have to regularly make marketing strategies to keep them all coming. Here are some tips that may help your cause:

  1. Set a Financial Goal. How much money do you want to raise? When is your target date for the said amount?
  2. Manage a “Spare Change” Jar project. Let people know that you are attempting to raise money for the rescue and shelter in your place by making public announcements or distribute e-mails at your workplace or school. Put it in places, like the store, cashiers to allow people to give their spare change. You can collect the money weekly, and give all you earned to the shelter or rescue.
  3. Organize a Dog Wash. Look for volunteers to join and spend some quality time to prepare and take part in the event itself. You can go to pet stores near your place, and ask if they donate some dog bathing supplies (shampoo, brushes, scrubs, and etc.) You can also ask the people living in the locality to donate their old (but clean) towels for the event. Added to that, do not forget to have hoses and direct source of water. It is best to do it in public so people can easily spot you, and attract other organizations, and potential donors and adopters. In your ad, don’t forget to mention that you’re inviting people who have dogs for a FREE dog wash. You can ask local newspapers to do it for free, or you can distribute flyers among the community.
  4. Organize a dog walkathon. For the event, pick a date for the dog walkathon. It can be in the town itself, or a local park. You can charge participants a few bucks, and all of them will have a certificate, acknowledging that all their money will be going to an animal shelter. You can also put up small stalls to sell dog dishes and bottled water.
  5. Host an Auction. Gather donations from organizations and individuals in your neighborhood. Attempt to get 2 or 3 prizes. For example, you can give the participants tickets to a major baseball tournament, or a brand new mountain bike.
  6. Organize a Garage Sale and Give All the Money The Event Earned. Get donations of things to sell during the garage sale, and announce it all over your neighborhood. Ensure that they know that all of what you earned will be going to the rescue/animal shelter.
  7. Challenge Your Local Community to Donate and Get Involved to Your Cause. Make an enthusiasm that is contagious, and other people will also want to sign up and to the same thing as others. Persuade other people to do their best to be able to collect money for animal shelters in your locality and that every effort will go a long way, like being able to provide rescue pets with a comfortable home, healthy dog foods, and someone who can take care of them with the knowledge on what kind of food they should eat. www.mybonesandbiscuits.com/can-dogs-eat

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