What is the most cost effective email newsletter solution? Convertkit, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, or something else?

What is the most cost effective email newsletter solution?

Every marketing automation software toolkit solves the problems and address challenges of earlier Email marketing software versions. While doing this, they come up with other emerging problems. Challenging competition to develop to address the problem and the cycle continues. There is no perfect marketing toolkit. It all depends on the following factors. Budget, Email marketing automation function, value added service, subscriber list and ability to analyze and make a follow-up that turns into sales revenue In this article we will have an in-depth analysis on pros and cons of Convertkit, InfusionSoft, Ontraport and MailChimp Email marketing tools.




  • User-friendly interface that is flexible and easy to use.
  • Easy to develop an email campaign without any prior skills, very effective for beginners.
  • Easy to extract and transfer subscribers list.
  • Email Marketing tool is free though with limited subscriber list and suitable for enterprises with few subscribers and low budget.
  • More integrated functionality


  • Emails are prone to bouncing.
  • Templates are common hence filtered as spam.
  • It is expensive for few subscribers listing.
  • Double opt-in reducing subscriber listing.




  • Budget friendly for a large number of subscribers.
  • Automated marketing function that runs hand in hand with Email marketing.
  • Have value-added functions for its Email marketing
  • Easy to build campaign tools.
  • Well-designed and detailed toolkit.
  • It has plugins integrated into the tool to give out a more comprehensive Email marketing platform.


  • It is expensive.
  • No free trials for a test run purposes.




  • It is a detailed marketing tool that incorporates marketing and sales in the toolkit.
  • Being a full Customer Relationship management (CRM) toolkit, it gives out analysis of the Email marketing campaign tools.
  • Very efficient even for small enterprises with a limited subscribers list.
  • Gives a graphical representation of results of the Email marketing campaigns.



  • Not user-friendly, prior experience is needed to run and operate the Email marketing toolkit.
  • Not suitable for beginners.
  • Email marketing toolkit is complex with the complicated
  • If not well mastered, Emails do not reach the target market.




  • Affordable for big enterprises with a large number of subscriber lists.
  • It has an accommodative price model depending on budget and number of subscribers.
  • The Email reaches targeted individuals.
  • It is easy to make a follow up on actions taken on different campaign tools
  • It has automated and sequential Email marketing campaign tools
  • Customized Email templates hence no room for them to be filtered in the spam
  • It is possible to track Email and actions taken.



Generally, Email marketing is just a component in marketing. Some software programs have integrated it with CRM software to achieve a more detailed, specific and desirable results. Email marketing is an effective marketing tool, though if not well customized it might not result in sales. A good Email marketing tool should be able to send Email, show action taken by the receiver, subsequent follow-up and graphical presentation of the effect of the Email marketing as a strategy for marketing.






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